NL_CL Meetups Archive 2021

28.12.2021: "Live Coding Meet~up ☕️ 💻 ☕️"

Time: 19h30 - 21h00

Join us for our Monthly meet-up. Let's catch up on what everyone is currently working on.

15.12.2021 - 17.12.2021: ICLC 2021

Time: 9:00 - 23:00 CET

Location: online

The International Conference on Live Coding is streamed this year with performances and talks from the community all over the world! From NL_CL their will be talks and performances by Felipe Noriega, Anne Veinberg and Timo Hoogland.

More information here!

05.12.2021: Ch◉re◉graph◦ng C◉d◦ng ↭ ↝ tales from real-time collaborative audio-visual coding ↜

Time: 14:00-16:00 CET

Location: online @Varia Web Stream

This event is facilitated by Joana Chicau and Renick Bell and count with the presence of Chiho Oka, CodeKlavier, Saskia Freeke and Timo Hoogland.

By interweaving conversations with live demos we will be diving into how collaboration emerges through transdisciplinary, multi-lingual, and a plurality of hybrid digital and physical systems.

More information here!

This event is free, and is made possible with the kind support of the Creatieve Industrie NL.

28.09.2021: "Live Coding Meetup & Jam w/ CCU"@De Havenloods, Utrecht

Time: 20h00 - 23h00

We welcome all coders, creatives, musicians, artists, visualists, and anyone else who is interested or curious in the field of Live Coding to join us in De Havenloods for talks about coding, show work-in-progress, and to explore the live coding practice. We’ll be closing the evening with an open code jam and drinks. Bring your laptop and join the jam session, no matter your expertise we’d love to see you perform. Jamming is open for anyone, but if you already know you’d like to join you can email us at

Tickets: €5,- regular / €3,50 student

Click for ticket sales

31.05.2021: "Live Coding Meet~up ☕️ 💻 ☕️"

Time: 19h30 - 21h00

Join us for our Montly meet-up. Let's catch up on what everyon is currently working on.

30.03.2021: "Live Coding Meet~up ☕️ 💻 ☕️"

Time: 19h30 - 21h00

Join us for our Montly meet-up. Let's catch up on what everyon is currently working on.

23.04.2021: "NL_CL #4: OTHER SCREENS"@livestream

"Coding as an interactive practice"

The 4th online concert of the NLCL’s (Netherlands Coding Live) series at iii (Instrument Inventors Initiative). In this edition, we will present artworks that relate coding practices into cooperative approaches involving interactivity between performers and audience engagement.

Time: 20h00 - 23h00

Ticket: €5 - €10 sliding scale


  • Craig Latta
  • Joana Chicau and Renick Bell
  • Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer
  • Jonathan Reus

  • Click for "NL_CL #3: OTHER SCREENS" event & ticket sales

    NL_CL #4 is presented by iii with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NL, The Municipality of The Hague and the Performing Arts Fund NL

    20.02.2021: "TOPLAP TransNodal Event x NL_CL" - 23h00 - 02h00 @

    A long weekend of live coding performances + talks + more, for TOPLAP's birthday. NL_CL has a slot between 23h and 02h on Saturday 20 February.


  • Blaz
  • Joana
  • Eerie_ear
  • Raphael
  • Jonathan

  • 18.01.2021: "New-Year Live Coding Meet~up ☕️ 💻 ☕️" - 19h30-22h

    The New-Year live coding meetup! Lets catch up and share what we are currently working on and discuss ideas for the new year. Hopefully we can schedule more performances and workshops!

    09.01.2021: 🌕 Mercury Collaborators Concert - 19h30-23h Cancelled

    During this concert four collaborators on the Mercury project will perform their results from the past year of researching, experimenting and developing with the Mercury live coding environment. The concert will be live streamed and recorded from the Muziekhuis in Utrecht so you can enjoy it from the safety of your home. The concert was eventually prerecorded and the performances are available on youtube to watch as separate videos


  • Anne Veinberg
  • Guillem Gongora Moral
  • Rafaele Maria Andrade & Timo Hoogland
  • Roald van Dillewijn
  • Timo hoogland