Meeting August 14th 2019

Meeting July 3th 2019

Attending: Timo, Craig, Felipe, Sebastian, Jonathan, Rafaele, Raphael

A meetup can be hosted in Baltan Laboratories (NATLAB) Eindhoven in the near future. Possibly the next meetup

We'll be hosting a Livecoding Performance and Algorave at Zaal 100 on 11/12 October probably. Trying to at least pay artists for traveling. Tickets can not be > €15.
Hosting a livecoding performance at iii might be optional?
iii performance space: https://instrumentinventors.org/workspace/facilities/

Algorave at the Skatepark can be hosted around october as well.

Add one portfolio link to this site (that link can be embedded on the site):

## We are looking at options for funding livecoding events:

_The Amsterdam Funds voor de Kunst_ has an option for supporting a series in Amsterdam at a specific location: https://www.amsterdamsfondsvoordekunst.nl/

_Fonds voor de Podiumkunst_ has the "SKIP" subsidy to support intermittent programming (a series of minimum 6 shows) - Category 1 has minimal barriers to entry with a max of €5775, must be at a single location:  https://fondspodiumkunsten.nl/nl/subsidies/programmeringsregeling_voor_podia_en_festivals/kleinschalige_en_incidentele_programmering_skip/


Possible venues we can collaborate with:
    * iii space in The Hague (through Marije & Jonathan)
    * V2 in Rotterdam
    * Zaal100 in Amsterdam

## What can we do to plant seeds for a national community while still sustaining our local groups?
>> Craig notes that if every "national" meeting is in a different location then there is no motivation for local groups to self-organize
>> let's alternate between local & national meetings, maybe at the beginning we need to travel with national meetings more often to plant the seeds of local groups, but eventually try to aim for 2-4 national meetings per year

## Showing work
Rafaele: KNURL
    * self-made 12-string cello, with sensors on bow
    * thinking of using STENO in SuperCollider as a system connected to her gestures
    * STENO: https://github.com/musikinformatik/Steno
She is running out of money to pay for progress of her work -> she has a crowdfunding campaign

    * ORCA https://wiki.xxiivv.com/#orca
    * Caffiene for livecoding on the web: https://caffeine.js.org/

Meeting March 11th 2019


for sister events please add here: https://netherlands-coding-live.github.io/elsewhere.html

February 4th 2019
    > Reflections on https://iclc.livecodenetwork.org/2019/ 
    > Alex and Renick for an event on the night of the 17th? (Alex could do the 16th, see his email)
    > NL_CL Platforms: how to improve our online presence and * knowledge sharing * (add links; resources to website; how active should we be in social media? see nice reference:https://openrndr.org/ / toplap / ...) 
    > Sketches for stickers & t-shirts;
    > Coming Events / Year planning;
    > Open Calls;

# possible locations to do something:
    - ISO (location in Amsterdam West) - have a party at March 16 or 17? Are open for an algorave'y proposal - via Giovanni
    - Bajesdorp - Muiterij - Amsterdam Oost (near Spaklerweg) - self-organised space (go round with the hat for funding) - via Marije
    - Algorave in Apeldoorn - skatepark  Real-X. Or maybe venue Gigant (or both)